"Nos non venit ut ministraretur ei, sed ut ministraret".

"We have not come to be served, but to serve".

Who we are

GMH has assembled a well experienced team from different disciplines such as strategic management through technology – Business model adjustment, digital platforms development, digital marketing and business intelligence-, international commodities trade, industrial manufacturing and organic production, domestic and international logistics, trade finance and in the implementation of highly efficient processes.

What we do

GMH participates directly and indirectly, through its partners, in companies that its main goal is people’s wellbeing -PEOPLE CENTRICITY-.

People benefits from obtaining our products and services with the highest quality-price ratio, and at the same time our partners – employees, investors, allies and suppliers – obtain more benefits by achieving the fulfillment of people’s needs, and their compensation goes in direct relation to their contribution, creating a virtuous circle that will permanently increase this ecosystem's wellbeing that includes their families and society. We call this LIFESTYLE.

How we do this

GMH's Family


GMH makes easier the day to day life of people with the correct use of technology through its participation in IGNIS ALTUS, which main goal is to easily deliver products or services to people through the correct interaction with the company’s value. IGNIS ALTUS proposes business model adjustments, if required, and develops the necessary technological tools, digital communication strategy and business intelligence to implement and prevail the digital strategy.


GMH has the Project to produce organic food in an industrial scale in fresh, semi-processed and processed stages through its participation in FAMILY GROWN ORGANICS.

As the first stage of this Project, GMH will facilitate the supply of conventional, natural (Maximum 50% use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides) and organic; fresh, semi-processed and processed food products, through the integration of diverse producers, to be delivered to people with the highest quality standards, nutritional value and exquisite flavor.

Where we are going

GMH will expand its operations in the next 5 years to other regions creating poles that will spread what we do and believe to improve people’s wellbeing defined as LIFESTYLE, with high quality products and services that requires human beings to live.